Articles and Member Contributions

11 January 2016
Steven Cranfield's F. R. Leavis: The Creative University (Springer, 2016)
Written by one of the last generation of students to be taught by Leavis at the University of York in the 1970s.
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11 January 2016 
Leavis and Eliot as Literary and Cultural Critics: conference, Downing College Cambridge, 24-25 September 2015
Synopses of presentations (Instalment 1). Click on the links below. Each of these download a Word document and save this to your device.
Further instalments will follow once we have received other presenters' edited texts. Please note that some presenters are submitting their contributions to journals, or have these in press, and this limits what can be made publicly available.
Texts of Talks
A Little Lawrence is a Dangerous Thing: Leavis on Lawrence on Shakespeare is the text of a talk by Dr Heward Wilkinson to the 'Lawrence and Leavis Day' at the joint meeting of the Leavis Society and DH Lawrence Society, given on September 19th during the 2014 DH Lawrence Festival in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.
A talk by Professor Michael Bell, F. R. Leavis and the ‘Wild, Untutored Phoenix’  and a talk by Mr Bob Hayward, Leavis’s changing attitude to Lawrence, both at the same event.